Who to Root For: 2/22

RPI started pulling away from the middle of the pack with their win last night over Quinnipiac

RPI’s upset win of Quinnipiac unfortunately did not help them much in the race for a first round bye because Clarkson decided to suck. Seriously. The one time we actually need them to win, and they totally blow it. With that being said, let’s take a look at who to root for tonight.

Colgate at Yale
We’re going to be a little counter-intuitive here. While Colgate is closer to RPI in the standings, the fact that Yale swept the Engineers makes this complicated. RPI has the tiebreaker over Colgate but not over Yale. Yale will be out of reach if they lose but RPI wins. Meanwhile, Colgate actually needs to catch up by 3 points, not 2 points, to actually catch up.
Who to Root For: Colgate
Go Raiders!

Cornell at Brown
Cornell has been out of reach of RPI for some time now. If Brown loses to Cornell, RPI will clinch home ice. Easy choice here.
Who to Root For: Cornell
Go Big Red!

Harvard at St. Lawrence
We’ve said multiple times that St. Lawrence is a team we will almost always be rooting for. That holds true here against a Harvard team that RPI is chasing for a first round bye.
Who to Root For: St. Lawrence
Go Saints!

Quinnipiac at Union
After RPI’s 4-0 shutout of Quinnipiac, the Bobcats moved behind Harvard in the standings to 4th place. They are 3 points ahead of RPI. Union mathematically cannot catch RPI anymore meaning unfortunately we will be rooting for them in pretty much all remaining games.
Who to Root For: Union (ugh)

Dartmouth at Clarkson
Dartmouth is only 1 point behind RPI still. Clarkson blew it last night against Harvard of course, and it would be great if they didn’t do that again.
Who to Root For: Clarkson (blech)

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