Who to Root For: 2/21

The ECAC standings are still super tight even with only 4 games left in the regular season

RPI picked up 2 points on the road last weekend and remained tied with Colgate for 5th place. While RPI still has the tiebreaker, it is important to continue to pick up points in the race for a higher seed. Let’s take a look at the upcoming ECAC games on Friday and who RPI fans should be rooting for.

Princeton at Union
With RPI having already clinched over Princeton, almost all of the time we will be rooting for the Tigers. Furthermore, a Union loss clinches RPI’s spot above them, and Union sucks.
Who to Root For: Princeton
Go Tigers!

Harvard at Clarkson
Clarkson clinched being ahead of RPI last weekend with their road sweep. Unfortunately, this means we will have to root for Clarkson a lot in these final games. Meanwhile, Harvard is 4 points ahead of RPI, and they are the main team that the Engineers will be chasing for a top 4 spot and first round bye.
Who to Root For: Clarkson

Dartmouth at St. Lawrence
RPI clinched their spot over last place St. Lawrence awhile ago. Dartmouth remains only one point behind RPI in the standings. This might be the most straightforward game this week.
Who to Root For: St. Lawrence
Go Saints!

Colgate at Brown
Colgate is a common team who we have been rooting against and RPI’s current tie with them will keep that a common trend. While Brown losing would allow for the Engineers to potentially clinch home ice on Friday, that would likely happen anyways on Saturday. It is more important for Colgate to lose than to maybe clinch home ice one night earlier.
Who to Root For: Brown
Go Bruno!

Cornell at Yale
Cornell locked in their spot ahead of RPI in the standings when they defeated the Engineers on Saturday. Yale is only a point behind RPI after they got 3 points on the road last weekend. It is especially important to stay ahead of Yale since they swept RPI and hold the tiebreaker.
Who to Root For: Cornell
Go Big Red!

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