Who to Root For: 2/15

There was lots of movement in the ECAC standings after Friday's games

RPI ended last night alone at 5th in the standings. They are a point ahead of Dartmouth still, two points ahead of Colgate, and three points ahead of Yale. On the flip side, they are 3 points behind both Quinnipiac and Yale for a top 4 spot and first round bye. With their win over Colgate last night, they clinched at least 10th in the standings as neither Princeton nor St. Lawrence can catch up to them now.

Yale at Dartmouth
Dartmouth stayed only a point back of RPI with their defeat of Brown last night. Yale blew a 4-1 lead to Harvard to only tie, so they are now 3 points behind. Dartmouth is not only closer in the standings, but they are also the better team, which makes this a pretty easy choice.
Who to Root For: Yale
Go Bulldogs!

Brown at Harvard
RPI is 6 points ahead of Brown and are very unlikely to be caught by the Bears. Harvard is only 3 points ahead of RPI now, and RPI will continue chasing them for a first round bye.
Who to Root For: Brown
Go Bruno!

Clarkson at Princeton
With Princeton officially being behind RPI like St. Lawrence, they will be a common team that we will be rooting for. While it is extremely unlikely that Clarkson loses out and RPI wins out, there is no reason to root against Princeton. Clarkson still sucks.
Who to Root For: Princeton
Go Tigers!

St. Lawrence at Quinnipiac
RPI already clinched being ahead of St. Lawrence but is only 3 points behind Quinnipiac in the race for a bye. This makes for a pretty easy decision.
Who to Root For: St. Lawrence
Go Saints!

Union at Colgate
Union is 8 points behind RPI, and the Engineers are close to clinching their spot over them. Colgate is still close to RPI in the standings and will be one of the most common teams we root against.
Who to Root For: Union (ugh)
Union sucks!

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