Who to Root For: 2/14

A current look at the ECAC standings with 3 weekends left

There are only 3 weeks left of the regular season, and all the ECAC teams are now equal in games played meaning actual tiebreakers are now used. Let’s take a look at Friday night’s games and who we should be rooting for.

Brown at Dartmouth
After a 3 point weekend, Brown moved ahead of Union into 8th place. With 13 total points, they are 4 points behind RPI. Meanwhile, Dartmouth lost their only game against Harvard and remain only a singular point behind RPI. Dartmouth is definitely going to be a team that we consistently root against with them close to RPI in the standings, and we do not want to them to tie or gain the lead.
Who to Root For: Brown
Go Bruno!

Clarkson at Quinnipiac
While not mathematically impossible, it is extremely unlikely that RPI will be able to catch Clarkson in the standings. Quinnipiac is 5 points ahead, which is also unlikely but still possible if RPI can string together some wins.
Who to Root For: Clarkson
I cannot bring myself to actually type out a cheer for Clarkson.

St. Lawrence at Princeton
This is literally the most irrelevant game in the ECAC this season with the 2 teams in the basement going at it. RPI can clinch the 10th spot with a Princeton loss or tie (or if RPI wins or ties against Colgate).
Who to Root For: St. Lawrence (but it really doesn’t matter at all)
Go Saints!

Union at Cornell
This is another game that doesn’t really matter for the Engineers. Cornell is similar to Clarkson in that it will be nearly impossible to catch them. Union is low enough that they probably will not catch RPI. Union sucks!
Who to Root For: Cornell
Go Big Red!

Yale at Harvard
Yale is 2 points behind RPI heading into Friday, while Harvard is 4 points ahead. A lot of people will say that you should root for Harvard, so that Yale does not catch up. However, even though it will be difficult, I still think RPI could grab a first round bye and will be rooting for that scenario.
Who to Root For: Yale
Go Bulldogs!

Since a lot can change after Friday alone, we are holding off on analyzing Saturday’s games until then. Let’s Go Red!

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