Who to Root For: 2/7-8

A current look at the ECAC standings before this weekend's games

With the last four weekends of the regular season coming up, the battle in the ECAC standings is heating up. In these last four weeks, we at Red Army will be taking a look at the other ECAC games on the slate and discussing who we should be rooting for.

Friday 2/7:

Harvard at Dartmouth
Harvard and Dartmouth are both very close to RPI in the standings at the moment. Dartmouth is 1 point behind but has this one game in hand, while Harvard is 2 points ahead with this game in hand. RPI has a game left with both opponents on the road in the final weekend of the regular season. With the Engineers currently having a better shot of finishing ahead of Dartmouth, that’s the team you want to win, if any.
Who to Root For: A tie, so that neither team gains too many points.

Colgate at Cornell
RPI is currently tied with Colgate in the standings, but Colgate and Cornell have this two game home-and-home where Colgate could move ahead. This series is fairly simple to pick. Cornell is far ahead of RPI in the standings, and the Engineers are extremely unlikely to catch them. Colgate is tied with RPI in the standings, and they will be fighting each other for positioning for the remainder of the season.
Who to Root For: Cornell
Go Big Red!

Princeton at Brown
Both of these teams are in the bottom 4 of the ECAC and pretty far back of RPI. Princeton is 12 points behind, while Brown is 7 behind. This game is pretty irrelevant to the Engineers because neither team will catch up in the standings (assuming RPI does not totally collapse). Root for the team further down in the basement in the standings.
Who to Root For: Princeton
Go Tigers!

Quinnipiac at Yale
Similar to the first game that we reviewed, these teams are both close to RPI in the standings. Quinnipiac is 2 points ahead, and Yale is 4 points behind. Both teams have two games in hand. Quinnipiac is a team that is on fire. They are 8-2 in their last 10 games, and this weekend they demolished Cornell 5-0. Then, they beat Colgate to complete the sweep. I think Quinnipiac is going to continue their hot play and run away with 3rd place. Additionally, Yale swept the Engineers and owns that tiebreaker. Despite the points and standings indicating that you should root for Yale, so that RPI can catch up to Quinnipiac, we’re going to say the opposite here.
Who to Root For: Quinnipiac
Go Bobcats!

Saturday 2/8:

Clarkson at St. Lawrence
This weekend, RPI officially clinched 11th place since St. Lawrence cannot mathematically catch up to the Engineers in the standings. This essentially means that regardless of the opponent, we will always be choosing to root for St. Lawrence and cause chaos with teams close to RPI in the standings. Also, Clarkson still sucks.
Who to Root For: St. Lawrence
Go Saints!

Princeton at Yale
This one is pretty simple as well. Princeton is 12 points back of RPI like we said earlier, while Yale is going to be nipping at our heels, only 4 points back. An upset will help the Engineers maintain their lead.
Who to Root For: Princeton
Go Tigers!

Cornell at Colgate
These two teams complete their home-and-home on Saturday. The same analysis and reasoning applies for this game.
Who to Root For: Cornell
Go Big Red!

Quinnipiac at Brown
Even though I think Quinnipiac will make a run and lock themselves into 3rd place, RPI still does have a decent chance of catching them. Meanwhile Brown is 7 points behind RPI and has little chance of catching up. Another upset to root for.
Who to Root For: Brown
Go Bruno!

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